Wednesday, February 2, 2011


When I found this I immediately loved it, I love the "normal" call me a creature of habit, but it is so incredibly comforting to me.  It made me reflect on the everyday normal that I love such as, morning routines getting everyone ready to start the day, my routine after they all leave and esp. the evening time, I love it when I am getting dinner ready and the kids are usually out playing or doing homework, and I have Food Network on, I love to cook with Rachel Ray, she is on at 5:30 and I am usually fixing dinner around then... and then J gets home, we visit, finish dinner, call kids in, have dinner while talking about our day, I like to fold clothes in the evenings on my bed, it's relaxing and hey, it has to be done! Jim always watches tv in the living room and I am always in our room in the evening, after chores are done I enjoy reading and watching tv and the kids are usually in their rooms or wherever, it depends on what night it is because they have certain shows they like to watch with their daddy, H likes to take her bath in our tub for some reason, but I like it, because while I am doing my thing in our room she is bathing and calls me in their every few minutes to show me what she is doing, she is busy in the tub with her bath toys, Barbies, pet shop pets, and lately she loves to play with my shaving cream, now J complains she is wasting it, but I don't care, it's cheap and she has a blast with it, seriously she makes me all kinds of deserts with it, haha! and decorates her face, it's funny, she entertains me, I just enjoy, for I know she will outgrow all that one day.  Cameron can be found on his laptop with earbuds listening to music or on facebook or watching tv, playing with the dog, visiting with J.  So as you can see I love our "normal" days, they bring me pure JOY.