Thursday, February 17, 2011

{The "Now"}

Good Thursday morning to you!! Is it me or has this week flown by?? slow down time, please.   Seems everywhere you look everyone is waiting for the next day, on FB people are always writing on Monday that they can't wait for Friday??? why can't we just enjoy "the now",  I have learned in my life and esp. the last several months that you have to enjoy "the now" life is short, enjoy living it, now I am not trying to be an expert in how to live or to say that I am doing it all right and telling you that you need to do the same, I am also trying to convince myself, ha!  My kids are growing up so fast, and it makes me sad, last night Hannah came in my room to read to me after her bath and she looked so darling, she had her hair in a little bun and looked tall as she crawled on the bed with me and sprawled her long legs out, I just looked at her and asked her how she got so tall all of a sudden, she then jumped off the bed and stood real straight and smiled, pleased that I thought she looked tall, my girl, my baby, who can be so difficult, has a mind of her own, very stubborn, will argue 24/7, hates to clean, and is a tough little boot, she needs to STOP growing for the love of all things good!!  And then Cameron, who will be 13 in a few weeks, yikes, a teen??? nooooo, he is tall, voice already changed,  but he is my sweet boy, pretty easy going, not perfect, can have a smart mouth, and says we need to give him more freedom, easy boy, just calm down and quit trying to catch up with me on your height and shoe size, seriously, enough Cameron!!! ha!

Life is somewhat of a struggle these days, we miss our Papa so much we want him back with us, and we are doing good dealing with it, some days are harder than others, the kids don't dwell on it like I do or how Jim does, kids deal different, they are stronger than we think, Cameron has always said that Papa is better now that he is in heaven and his heart is well again, not if that doesn't make you so proud as a parent...

Hannah started back in gym. Tues night, she didn't take in the fall, that is when dad got so sick and I was back and forth to Austin and then caring for him when we brought him home, it just wouldn't work for us then, and she had been so anxious to get back in, so Tues. was the night and she was so happy to be jumping and tumbling again, and the smile on her face as I watched her on the trampoline made me so happy!!  Cameron is getting ready for track at school, the coach said he would love to have him on the team, and he has been timing really well,  so that will be fun going to track meets, I love new adventures for my kids.   We have been planning our family vacation here lately, we have not taken a "real vacation" in years and it's time, so we are planning to go to Florida, and we are so excited, planning is half the fun!!   Well, I need to get moving this morning, I start work at 9 so I have more than enough time to pick up around here, yeah me, ha!  I think today will be a home day, I did errands yesterday, so after I finish working at 1, I'll just hang around here and do what needs to be done, there is always something, but, that is okay, I have been blessed with this wonderful family of mine, and I don't take that for granted at all, I have a husband who is also my best friend who works hard for our family and puts us first, always, and I love taking care of them, I am so thankful to God for my life, he has been good to me, no matter what struggles we are dealing with I am trying to always be thankful, enjoy the now, don't rush life,  NOW is the best time.