Sunday, April 18, 2010

{Weekend so far...}

*Friday evening started with taking Cameron to spend the night with a friend, I made homemade pizza and Hannah and I watched "Secrets of the Mountain" it was on NBC and it's the first of family movie night movies, Walmart & P&G are sponsoring it and we just loved it, the next one is in July! and as you guys know, we really enjoy movie night at our house!

*Saturday started with us just hanging around the house, then we ran to Albertsons to get some steaks for dinner, we invited my dad over and Jim grilled steaks, we had baked potatoes and green beans, and for dessert I made an apple pie pizza, it was good, but it was my first time to make it and I make my dough in the bread maker, like I did on Fri. night, anyway, it was good but the crust needs to be thinner next time for a dessert pizza.

*This morning, church, had a "whatever" lunch and then Hannah had a date at the mall with Papa and Cameron and I went to the hospital to visit my Mama, who is doing much better by the way :) and then Hannah has choir at 6 so I am just chillin for awhile before that, and for now that about wraps it up!


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Stacy, just checking in, there has been problems with getting your blog up! I was happy when it opened this morning. Don't have any idea what the problem was. But anyway hope all is well with you and your family. Have a Blessed Day!