Friday, April 9, 2010

{Oh the Deals}

*Edit* for KellIy's Korner Money Saving Tips!!!
I stock up when a store is having a big sale on an item we eat/use at all times, I also find coupons for the items I am going to buy on sale and get even more $$ off, I also take my competing store ads to Wal-Mart and they match the price and it has saved me so much $, my kids are 12 & 8 and are eating us out of house and home! ha Just yesterday for instance Albertsons had a sale on select GM cereal for $1.49 and I bought 6 boxes and had coupons for some of them and paid .74 for some, wow was I happy!! I am loving seeing how much $ I can save!

Can you hear my squeal with delight? Albertsons is having their coupon craze sell and they are full of awesome deals, I had just gone to Walmart on Wed. and bought full groceries, but... when I got the ad in the mail that night about this sale I knew I had to go, you see I am trying to get a bit of a food storage going, meaning, when I find things on sale that we use on a regular basis I buy it because I will eventually need it, so why not buy it when it's at it's cheapest!!! I had to re-do my pantry and freezer to make room but it is so worth it! here is a list of what I bought:

2 bottles of Kraft BBQ sauce
Box of Quacker oatmeal
Aunt Jemima Pancake mix
Aunt J Syrup
2 Quaker oat squares
Quaker break. bars
4 boxes Quaker cereal
24 oz. Pace Picante sauce
4 packs of Kool-Aid drinks
6 pk coke & sprite
8 yoplait yogurts
2 boxes hot pockets
1 box jolly rancher popsickles
6 pounds of chicken breast
sargento cheese
All this for $$$$54.47 I saved $$$$67.73
I nearly fell out, this made my day for sure & when she printed my receipt I also got a coupon from Midas for an oil change, tire rotation, and inspection for $26.99 again, nearly fell out because Jim and I both need an oil change, so we now have 1 for free, he was pretty darn excited when I called to share my good news, he does like my thriftiness and money saving skills!! ha
So, if you have an Albertsons near you, check this sale out!!! Have a great weekend friends!!
Hugs, Stacy


Beth McC. said...

Thanks for all the great tips! I took notes off of your post :) Happy Friday and I love your super cute blog