Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hi friends! not too much going on around here, Hannah is home sick again, the breathing treatments, steroids, cough syrup, allergy meds. poor girl has had a rough go of it for the past 2 months, we get better and then down hill again, she started back up this weekend and she was at school for maybe an hour when the nurse called to basically say "your kid is barking like a seal and disrupting the class and you should really come and get her" so, I call the doctor and they wanted to see her this time so we went and it's basically allergy related so we're loaded up on meds. and hopefully will get better. She is really hyper because of the breathing treatments and steroids, but I sent her to her room a little while ago to rest and just hang out, she doesn't need to be jumping around and running out of breath.

Let's see, what else? oh we went to my sis's house on Sat. night and cooked out on their firepit, the kids roasted hot dogs, we grilled chicken and all that good stuff and then we had smores, I mean you can't have a fire without the smores!! we had a blast, they have a big backyard with all kinds of things to do, trampoline (we miss ours :( swingset, riding toys, so they all played their hearts content, and we sat around the firepit and laughed and had a good time, it was a perfect night! we love to hang out with the Cunningham crew!
Okay, I need to eat some lunch, I'm hungry and I am sure Miss Hannah will be asking for some in awhile also!