Wednesday, December 30, 2009

{2009, the most interesting of years...}

I can't believe 2009 is almost over, but then again it's not been a great year for our family either. It was about the second week in Jan. '09 that Jim got an offer for a new career and we accepted the offer within about 3 days of it, the house was put on the market shortly thereafter, Jim moved to Texarkana the 2nd week of Feb. our house sold the middle of March and we closed on it April 29, the kids and I then moved in with my mother/inlaw until school was out the 1st of June, the rental house flooded the Sat. night before mother's day and we lost soooo much, almost everything we had, such a horrible sad night you can read about it here. The kids and I moved down here the 2nd week of June, lived at my mom's for 3 weeks, then moved into our apartment with no furniture, we slept on air matterss beds, clothes stayed in boxes and suitcases, rental furn. it was a TOUGH time in deed, then in late Aug. we received the insurance money and started putting our house back together, while typing this I still cannot believe we went through all of that, it was seriously the hardest times ever!!! but, there is always a but isn't there... we all came through it all just fine and are soooo thankful for each other, we truly stuck together. And so the rest is history and life has gone on and all is well! I would like to just say to 2010 "take it easy on the Loggins family, nothing too big, okay".