Saturday, December 19, 2009

{On the homefront}

I have been so busy the last few days and today I am chilling out a bit. My sister and I went shopping on Thurs. night by ourselves!!! yeah!! we started at 7:00, hit the stores, ended with Starbucks and then noticed at around 10:15 that Target was still open, so we mustered up some more energy and went in until 11:00. it was so much fun, they actually closed at midnight but we were too wore out at that point, we got alot of shopping done!! Yesterday started off with more errands, Hannah's school party, then her gymnastics party, then cousin Madeline's slumber party, went I got home around 8 I climbed in bed and watched tv and was asleep at 9:30! Sometimes I wear myself out and forget about my MS until the ol' legs start hurting and then I know it's time to take a load off. This morning Cameron and I went to get H and I cleaned and vacumed out my car, Cameron cleaned the windows, then we drove it through the car wash and came home and Cameron cleaned the tires and wheels, it looks so nice, we are leaving for Dallas in the morning and don't need to be traveling in a dirty vehicle, it was nasty yall, I was so ashamed of my nasty self!!! haha!

I am happy to say my shopping is done, most of the gifts are wrapped and I am going to make a few goodies tonight and make the rest when we get home on Tuesday, my dad is coming over tonight and Jim is going to grill some pork chops, fry some potatoes, and make some baked beans, we really like it when Papa comes over, he brings his dog KC with him and she and Kirby beg for our food all night!! hah! Well, I better get the dryer just went off and so did the washer, so I need to make a switch out!!!