Friday, December 11, 2009

{It's a Wrap}

This is my wrapping paper story, last year as I was looking for wrapping paper I saw alot of really pretty blue/white/silver combos and thought... next year those are the colors I shall use on my tree, soooooooo this year I did in deed decorate my tree with those colors and it is perty, but I still have not found the paper I am happy with, it has never been this hard to pick out wrapping paper, but this is getting ridiculous people, my kids want to see some wrapped presents under this tree and I am holding it up because I can't decide on some stinkin paper, I should have bought what I liked last year huh? anyway, I finally got some today, I started this post yesterday, anyway, I am really happy with it, do you like???


Sandy said...

Yes, I like it a lot!
We have some gifts bought, but only one for my dad in a gift sack under the tree, so far. My husband just said this morning, "I think this is the longest we have gone without gifts under the tree."
We will get busy soon!

laterg8r said...

beautiful - love that you are trying to coordinate with your tree :D