Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's 1:00 and I am waiting on the cable guy to fix our cable box that decided to loose it's signal, ugh what a pain, this was not on my to do list today thankyouverymuch! I've already been to Walmart and bought everything under the sun, which also included all the ingredients for my holiday baking, and I do have some more things to do I just can't get motivated, I was motivated this morning, I was ready to rock n' roll out there today and now that I am sitting here with no tv and reading blogs I am getting very s l e e p y... seriously, I could lay on this couch and take a nap, I mean, I can, no one is here to disturb me or to question as to why I am sleeping, I mean the dog doesn't care, he's sleeping, and I am not in the house cleaning, clothes folding, bed making kinda mood, you know those moods, just kinda "bleh" not a bad mood, just "bleh". The cable guy said between 1-5, ha! what a waste of time for me though, I could be at TJ Max or Old Navy, which is where I need to be heading to, sooooooo, hopefully he'll call in a minute and he'll fix it super fast and I can run my last few errands before the kiddos get home, one can only hope that will happen!!!