Sunday, October 4, 2009

I can't sleep, hate it when that happens, my legs are restless, actually my body is restless,(darned MS) and maybe my mind is too, that happens alot here lately, I think too much, always thinking... I need to quit all this thinking, it's driving me crazy. I am really trying to fix me, it's just one piece at a time, somedays the pieces go together good, others, not so much, they just fall everywhere and what a mess that can be. I feel the good ol' hives coming on, I'm not surprised, it all goes hand in hand, they really bother me, okay deep breaths, I will not let them ruin my night. It's raining, I can hear the rain falling, and I can hear my husband breathing loudly, I hear the frig. humming, all the sounds of night, and 2 precious children sleeping peacefully in their beds, and here I sit... with so much to say, but not finding all the words to say it, maybe that's okay, my mind is wore out, and maybe, just maybe if I could just listen for another voice besides my own I could hear the Lord talking to me, I think I want to hear what he has to say.