Friday, October 9, 2009

{The BIG 40 & Rain}

I know, good grief enough with changing the blog template already, sheesh! I just wanted something really fall and I found it, how darling it is!!! I had such a wonderful 4oth birthday yesterday, my family threw me a surprise party in one of the rooms at our church last night and boy was I surprised!!!! they got me, I had no idea whatsoever, my mom took pictures for me and I will show them to you once I get them, truly the best family, I cannot explain how full my heart was and is, I went to bed so happy and content and feeling very blessed, I love them all so much I could just cry when I think back to last night, truly magical!!!!

It has been raining so hard for about 12 hours now, it is a big ol' mess out there and me and my lazy 40 year old self have been lazing around all day, I also have had some allergies going on, sneezing, scratchy throat, kinda irritating. Looks like I'll be waiting by the bus in the car in a little while for the kiddos, can't let my babies get soaked. Well, that's it for me, for now, that is until I have something else to chat about...