Saturday, September 5, 2009

This n' that!!!

I know, bad blogger again! Well mom's surgery went well, no problems, she is home and healing.
This past week was just off for our family, but we are loving our 3 day weekend! Cameron had his first tackle football practice this morning and he did really well, his number is #1, his team is the Raiders, and we are looking forward to our adventures in football this fall, we took him to Play it Again Sports yesterday and had him fitted for all his gear, so he is all ready to play! Go Cameron!!! Jim and I also ordered our "Cameron's Mom" & Dad shirts from the team mom, don't make fun of us, it's just what you do!!! ha! Been watching some college football today, Yeah Notre Dame Fighting Irish!!! 35-0, my hubby loves them, so I join in and show my support too! and right now we're watching a few games at one time, Jim flips around and checks all the scores and I am just sittin here talking to you guys! I have some ulcers on the tip of my tongue that hurt!!!! what's up with that???? I made some white choc. macadamia cookies today and they are a winner, Jim gave them a 10! they are so good! yummo!

Hannah is in her room watching tv and Cameron is just getting out of the shower and Kirby is behind the couch flapping his ears, getting on my nerves. Well, now Jim is asking C if he wants to play some Halo on the ol' xbox 360, but acutally C wants to play dirtbikes but J doesn't, sooooooo.... they are now debating what to play????????????????
So, that is a play by play of what is going on in the Loggins house at the moment, and ya know, I love our routine and our lives, I just adore my precious family, love em' to pieces!!