Friday, September 11, 2009

myth, mother, cycle, charm...

are just a few of the words that have been floating around our house, both the kids have spelling test today and we gotta make sure they remember the tough ones!! as for me, I am organizing today, we just don't have alot of room around here and I am having to get creative, but I am at a point I need some storage bins so that means I need to run down to Dollar General and get some... I really didn't want to get out today but I have a real mess around here and it HAS to be fixed!!! Tonight we are resuming "family movie night" we are watching "Race to Witch Mountain" , we voted and are having lasagna for dinner and bananas foster for dessert, so it will be alot of fun, can't wait!!!!! :)

Cameron has football practice in the morning and Hannah is going to a spa birthday party for a friend in her class, Jim has to work, so sounds like a pretty normal Saturday for me, but, we do get to sleep in, which we all loooove! well, guess I need to run my errand, break time is over!!!

Have a great weekend!