Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lazy blogger

I have been a lazy blogger this week, we are leaving for Tex. tomorrow after the kids get out of school for Easter, we are excited to see our rent house, it has really old trees, a huge backyard, a sun room, Jim says we should be pleased. I have all my Easter shopping done, I hate fighing crowds at the last minute, not my style! Tomorrow Hannah has her egg hunt at school, and then Sat. morning in Tex. one of my friends who lives in Austin is having an egg hunt at her parents house for all of our friends and their kids, so I am looking forward to seeing them, and then of course church Sun. and lunch at mamaws and another egg hunt with the cousins, I am so excited, such a great time of year!! :)

So how about American Idol???? I am soooo loving it!!! I knew Scott would get booted last night, I like him and he is talented, but not a winner! I love Danny Gokey! he is my #1 choice, and then Adam is my 2nd!! Nothing is on tonight that I am excited about, I am really a big TV fan and Monday night is my fav. I love the sitcoms! Got my hair cut and colored yesterday, and I love it, it's alot shorter and feels great! in fact all of us have gotten a cut this week in our house, except Jim of course, for he has no hair!!! ha! he just uses the ol' shaver, how simple is that!! well, have a great Easter if I don't blog again!!! Stacy