Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Easter babies!
Easter egg hunt with friends!

More babes

Sweet cousins being silly!

Well, another Easter has come and gone, too bad the weather was dreadful! thank goodness we did a big egg hunt on Saturday when the weather was good. When we left for church it was pouring down, thunder, lightning, windy, just the kind of weather you want with new outfits, we all walked in church with dripping umbrellas and hair going every which way, the service was good and it was nice to be with family! After church we went to Mamaws for hamburgers, chips, and lots of yummy desserts! the kids did a small egg hunt in the house and ran around like crazy people hyped up on candy, but the cousins always have fun together!

We finally got to see our house and it's going to work just great for our family, we are getting new carpet in it and that will make it so much better, it has a huge front and back yard, it's on an acre, it's 1900 sq. ft. has a shop in the back to keep all the yard equipment. 4-wheelers and all that in, anyways, I need to run!