Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh happy day...

it really is, the weather is great, I have my Easter shopping done, and we found a house!!! yeah, Jim went and looked at it today and was very pleased, there are not alot of rental houses in Texarkana, but we weren't getting too concerned for we knew that God would provide for us, you see he has had his hand in this whole job and moving plan before we even knew it and things have been falling into place, so Praise Him!!! I have a few pics today... This is my Easter tree, it is so sweet, and beside it is some Peeps bubbles for the kids Easter baskets, aren't they adorable, I just had to show them off, I got them at Dollar Tree!
We went to the park the other day and here is Hannah feeding the "duckies"

and here she is on top of the slide...

and here is Mr. Cameron showing what his air soft gun does to styrofoam cups, he strategically placed a bunch in the garage and shot at them, what a boy!!!