Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My favorite kinda eye candy...

a good book, are you suprised? Nora Robert's "In the Garden Trilogy" is my lastest love interest... I read the first one few weeks ago and then I went to Half Price Books and got the other 2 and I just started the 3rd one last night, they are so good and I always hate to see them end because I get so wrapped up in the characters. Our local library flooded in Feb. and they are still renovating it so I don't have a library to go to, and the other ones are too far to drive and then I would keep them too long and have overdue fees, so I checked out HPB and scored some great deals on my books, I really liked that place, could really do some damage in there, I know I'm a nerd :)

We've been doing some packing around here, we close next Thurs. and the movers will start packing us on Fri. and then we'll move in the house on Sat. well, Jim will. and the kids and I will come back here to finish school. We are really getting excited about our changes and I am already picking out new bedding for the kids room, they are due some new bedding, they are helping me pick it out. The weather has been really nice here, very springy feeling! Tonight is my favorite night, American Idol is on and I intend to snuggle on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and be entertained!! Have a great day!