Friday, October 17, 2008

I just wanted to drop in and say hello and happy Friday! Not too much going on here this weekend, we're going to tackle the attic, that ought to be fun :( the garbage man isn't going to like us on Mon. morning!! but it does feel good to clean things out. I started packing a few things yesterday, and if I haven't mentioned yet, we've found a rent house to live in until we find the house we want or until the house we already found and really, really want is released from the bank from foreclosure, it could take some time so we're going to just patiently wait! we look at it like we have accomplished the hard part of selling our house so we're looking at this an adventure!! anyway, so we're just doing the "moving thing" right now. And just so we can have some fun we're going to the movie to see "Wall-e" it started at the $ movie, so we're excited about that, and church on Sunday and the Cowboy game.

I baked some pumkin bread the other day and my gang has been gobbling it up! Jim really prefers banana, so maybe I'll make him some next week, it is feeling fallish finally!!! and it makes me want to go to a pumkin patch, we'll do that next weekend, we love to carve pumpkins and roast the seeds, so delish!!! I'll give you my recipe next week on that. Well, I need to run to Walmart and get some groceries, I think we'll have something pasta tonight... I'll figure it out as I stroll along! Have a fantastic weekend!!