Friday, October 10, 2008

{Fun Friday}

Good morning! I am just sitting here having my coffee waiting for the roofers to get here, we're getting a whole new roof, it's going to get awful noisy around here today! I have been battling sinus/allergies this week and haven't really felt like chatting, but I am feeling better and am ready for the weekend, we are heading to East Texas for a family reunion on my dad's side and I am really looking forward to seeing family that I don't see that much. The kids get to play with their cousins, and everyone is sure to have a good time, and oh yeah... lots of good eating too :)
The weather has been good this week, not to hot but it could be a bit cooler in my opinion, I need fall!!!! the kids have been throwing around ideas on what they want to be for Halloween this year, they change their mind quite a bit! well, the roofers are here and I need to get started on my day!! Have a great weekend! S