Friday, October 24, 2008

I am in that "feeling unsettled" state of mind, I sure wish I didn't get like this, but I do when things are in disarray. I took alot of decor down today and packed it and now I just need some more tissue paper for the fragiles, packing is going good though. Hannah is doing much better, still in breathing treatments, but sounds alot better, she has gym. tonight and she is ready because she had to miss on Wed. Cameron had choir yesterday after school and he really likes it, they are just the most precious children, and don't want to move and I feel bad for them, but we're not moving far, they will adjust. We got their costumes, Cameron is going to be a scary dude with a "Hannibal" looking mask, a hatchet, and a black cape looking thing, no more Spiderman cutesy things anymore, and Hannah is going to be a Southern Belle, she loves to be "pretty" I wanted her to be a witch or a cat or something different than a princess, ballerina... but that is what she had her heart set on. I would like to go to a pumpkin patch tomorrow, we'll see what the day holds. The weather has been so nice, love that fall feeling! Have a great fall weekend! Stacy