Tuesday, September 25, 2012

{Rodeo Fun}

We went to the rodeo last week, Jim and I have not been to one in years, our kids have never been.  We really enjoyed it, Hannah not so much, she constantly whined about wanting to go in to the fair to ride a few rides.  We had to continuously tell her it's not about just her, we are all enjoying something different and that she should do the same.  She perked up, she really wanted to ride some rides, ha! Rides at the fair are so $$$, like a buck a ticket, and its 5 tickets per ride, yeah, not good.  She rode 2 rides, and each person got to choose 1 food treat that they wanted, Hannah and I got a corndog and the guys got some pizza.  Fair food is always so good, fried and unhealthy but still good once a year or so! Giddy Up Folks!!!