Monday, September 17, 2012

{Fall is Calling}

I am so in the "fall zone" it's not even funny, I am longing for cool weather, but here in Texas that can be very tricky, the weather teases us from one day to the next! Fall has always been my favorite time of year, I love it!  Like most of you out there, I have been casing Pinterest like a mad woman for months now getting my fall/halloween decor all planned out, I am so excited about some of the new arrangement I am putting together.  I am also making some changes throughout my house that I am so excited about, like some shelves that I redid and hung last night in my dining room, love them!! and the new china cabint that we brought back from Dallas a few weeks ago that my m/inlaw got for me at a garage sale, at first we didn't think it needed to be painted, but, after staring at it sitting in the dining room for several weeks now, it's obvious that it needs more than just new hardware, isn't that always the way it works??

 All of these pictures make me giddy, yeah, I am weird like that!!
 Love these containers with all the candy, there is no way on this earth I could or would want to keep candy in jars like this at my house, my kids and (Jim & I) would eat until our teeth rotted! ha!
I can't wait to get my glittery pumpkins out, here lately I could swear that I hear my fall crates in the attic calling my name, I just keep telling them just a bit longer and then I will dig in and decorate my little heart away!!

I hope you have a great Monday friends!!