Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{Austin Trip}

As I have mentioned before, I was not a good blogger this summer, but I do need to document our summer hi-lites, because this blog is my diary!  So I will be doing this in parts, the first is our trip to Austin to see my brother and his family!

The girl cousins having some lunch, love these girls so much and they love being together!

And the 2 young boy cousins, Asa and John Charles, what can I say except, silly, goofy & precious!! haha!!

And...the oldest boy cousin gets in on the fun, and these 2 little guys just love "their Cameron" and he is so good with them, rides on his shoulders, wrestling, and just acting silly!

These pictures are of the girls "Building Bears", Hannah had never done it and when we saw the store she just knew this is what she wanted to spend her treat money on...

What a cute process it was, they got to stuff, bathe and pick out some clothes and hair accessories for their bears or dogs.  So darling, they loved on their little animals the whole trip, they had pagents for them in the hotel, so adorable!!!  We had a nice time on our trip!!!