Saturday, September 22, 2012

{More Summer Pics}

 I am back with more pictures from our summer. We did lots of swimming, I mean lots, it's just what you do in Texas summers.

I just love it when I pull the camera out at the pool and everyone is ready to pose, love the fun pool shots, these guys are a bunch of fish!
New hairstyle that needs to be done again, my hair grows so fast.

This silly girl getting ready to do a science experiment, something she made up.

Pretty chicken tacos, yum!

Lots of snowcone eating, cousin Molly-Kate spent the night with us and I told her we would break out the snowcone maker during her visit and that she could eat as many as she wanted, and she surely did!!

And here they are with their Sonic drinks, which we had several times a week, we love happy hour, we still do, we now go after I pick the kids up from school!