Friday, May 4, 2012

{State Bible Drill Trip}

This past weekend our church kiddos went to the State Bible Drill in Arlington, Tx to compete, these kids have worked so hard since January to get to this competition.  I taught bible drill this year and learned right along with these smart kids!! We left last Friday morning, yes, they got to skip school for this, we had so many fun events that were planned for us, here is Hannah with her group, me and another mom were the chaperones for this group of girls, here they are at the hotel, they were so excited, and you will notice that Hannah had a face for every picture, I had to tell her to just smile normal every now and then, ha!

Me and my bland unhappy looking gal, ha! I look terrible here...

The group at Cowboy Stadium, we had a tour, it was so wonderful...

Our big group!

 Hannah doing a hand stand at the stadium, now that's a memory for her! she was thrilled to turn flips right where they play football!

They each had bibles to give to different people along the way, be it at the stadium, restaraunts, hotel, we are teaching them about being witnesses, here is Hannah giving her bible to a tour guide, he was so thankful to receive it, and she was happy to do it!! love that!

At the Rangers baseball game...

And Hannah after she finished her drill, we are beyond thrilled that she was able to do this, she did wonderful, she received a trophy and a certificate, what a great weekend, so many blessings!


Anonymous said...

Oh that sounds like SO much fun! I miss my kids being young and at home.. And what a great memory to actually be on the Cowboy field! Yay all of you and congratulations to ALL!
PS - The pics are beautiful. You are all beautiful! :)
Happy Saturday!