Saturday, May 19, 2012

{Kids Triathalon}

Last Saturday Hannah participated in her first triathalon, it's the 1st one they have had in our town and it was themed "Kids Chase the Sundown", it was such a great experience for her, my sister's girls did it also, we had the most fantastic time, it was truly the best.evening.ever!!!

 Hannah before the tri.

 Hannah and some friends from school...

 Cousins, seriously rocking the swim caps!

 Molly-Kate getting fired up!!

 Madeline posing before she took off!

 Hannah going in the water...

 Transitioning to the bike part...

 Crossing the finish line!  Yeah Hannah!!

 Jim and his"Hannah Banana Girl"

 Love this picture of my sweet sister giving MK and kiss after she finished!!!

And here comes Madeline, so proud of her!!!


Magical Mystical MiMi said...

Great pics! Looks like everybody had a great time. What an awesome way to gather family together. Yay you guys! :)