Friday, May 25, 2012

{Day at the Park}

Well, the kids are done with school, and I must say that 4th and 8th grade sure did go by fast, I am so in denial that my son will be in high school this next year, wasn't he just in elementary??? seriously time needs to slow itself dooooown! To celebrate end of year we went to the park today with my mom, sister and her kiddos, and Cameron took a friend and they enjoyed fishing, and speaking of , my nephew John caught a huge snapping turtle, it was crazy, his daddy came out to bring him his pole and fished with him awhile, when all of a sudden they got a pull and there was this 30-40lb turtle on the end.  There was a school there on an end of year field trip and they were all looking at it from the grass, as they were fishing off the dock, pretty soon word got out and everyone was gawking at the unusual catch, they cut the line and released the turtle, we joked that the turtle was telling his other under water pals that he got a cool piercing!!! ha! We enjoyed Wendy's for lunch (thank you mimi) the kids played on the equipment, fed the ducks, walked around and just had fun, and my mom, sis and I just visited and had some great laughs as we always do!! luv my precious ladies so much! Not much else going on this weekend, no big plans, and that is fine with me!!