Friday, January 27, 2012


As I said before I don't prefer to make resolutions for the new year,  but I always have "goals" for myself, weather it's for the new year or whatever, I think we all need to have goals at all times, it keeps you on your toes! 

I am looking for another part time job right now and am very anxious to find something, I have not worked since Sept. and I am ready to work again!  I am praying ferverently about this one!

I want to start getting out and walking more too, I am also on the look out for an exercise dvd for days when getting outside is not an option for me.

I want to eat better, and for the last week I have been doing better, water has become my close friend again too, MUST drink more water!

More Patience, for the most part I am but I want to bring out more Peace in myself.

DIY projects, I have alot of ideas written down in my "famous binder" and I am starting to make them come to life, not just think about them, but to DO them!

Something that I have already put into Play mode is working with the kids at church in Bible Drill on Wed. nights, love it already and I am learning right along with them!!!

Goals are so important to me, I love making them happen, the Accomplishment is so worth it!