Sunday, January 22, 2012

{First Pinterest Craft}

I wanted to show you my first Pinterest craft, I saw it last week and knew I wanted to make it for my niece Molly-Kate who had surgery {she is just fine}for a get well treat.  The container is a drink carrier from Sonic, how CLEVER I must say!!!

I got in my stash of crafts supplies, I have plenty and wanted to just use what I had, I went through my scrapbook paper and decided on the color scheme I wanted and then chose the letters, I used stickers, cardboard letters, ribbon, and decorative brads.

Hannah and I went to Target and she chose some fun things from the $ spot, she chose some cupcake socks, cupcake scenty stickers, a pink squeezy pink, a strawberry starter kit and we stuck some packs of Smarties throughout, we put some green rafia for filling.  Love the way it turned out, so cute and original, Miss MK loved her gift!!!


Randee Hallmark said...

OH my!! I had seen this on pinterest but have not made it yet!!! LOVE it!!! ;)
Haven't talked to you in a while..hope all is well!!!

Jenee' Clayton said...

Crafty!! Crafty!! ;). Thanks for contacting me though my blogM! We will have to meet up sometime!