Monday, January 2, 2012

{Christmas Part 1}

Christmas without any pictures to show, the computer I store our pics on is on the fritz so I took it to the shop today, and the sd card in my camera will not fit the adapter for this computer, so I am out of luck, boo!  We started Christmas Eve off at home as a family and we watched Christmas with the Kranks, then Hannah and I ran a last minute errand and went to Starbucks for some hot cocoa, as we were sitting there and I with my salty caramel and H with her peppermint cocoa, I told her there was nothing more cozy and festive than sitting there sipping on our treat, it was perfect! 

That evening we went to candlelight service at our church, it was so wonderful to be there, beautiful songs, message and the Lords Supper, then we lit our candles, sang, prayed and rejoiced in the season and Jesus birth, so wonderful to look at my family as we were sitting there, felt so blessed. 

Then we went to my mothers house for dinner, gifts and family, she did an Italian theme, so good, cousins opened some gifts, and had a great time! Then it was home to start "other preparations", the kids were anxious and went to bed, even though they are almost 14 and 10, and have their "own beliefs" as far as Santa is concerned,  they know not to voice their opinions or he might just not come to our house, hehe!  We tell them you always "believe" and have fun with it, and they do, they love it!

We got up at 8 on Christmas morning, looked at what Santa brought and opened gifts, it was so nice, we were all very lucky this year,  the kids got some wonderful things,  I then fixed a breakfast casserole and some cinnamon rolls and it was all so good...   Then a bit later my mother, sister and her kids came over for the day,  we snacked during the day and then fixed a nice big dinner.  The menu included roasted chickens, Jim's homemade mashed potatoes, sweet pot. fruit salad, green beans and rolls,  and for dessert I made a apple spice trifle, it was all so good.

After that we played some games with the kids and just hung out, it was a great day, everyone went to bed happy with their gifts and the security of a loving family, that is so important to me.  And that is the first segment of our holiday, more to come...