Wednesday, August 3, 2011

{Sprinklers & Marshmallows}

Good morning blog friends it looks like it's going to be another hot day, so what else is knew huh??? I am done with summer, you can go now, yeah right, you will be here awhile I just know it, ha!  But since there isn't a darn thing I can do about it I will just ramble on about what is going on in my life, please don't get too excited people, hehe!  The other night my sis came by to pick up something and as they were leaving we were out in the driveway, the kids are messing around and my Hannah notices the sprinklers just came on next door so just to be sure, (in typical H fashion) she checks it out and sure enough she eases into a sprinkler and then the cousins decide to just test it out also, just test, that's all, yeah right, next thing we know our nice new neighbor Jimmy, (good name) comes out of the garage and says he doesn't mind them playing in it, he turns them on more, they are all right up in his yard running around having a blast, screaming, laughing, fully dressed mind you, and we didn't even mind, we just went with it, they were so cute, loving life on a summer night, being free, no worries, just playing, sis and I just laughed at them and enjoyed the moment.  Then when it was time to dry off, my nephew John takes his clothes off and streaks around the driveway, sooo hilarious, his skinny little butt, and the girls are laughing so hard, so are we, funny kids.  As they thanked J for letting them play, he told them they could do that anytime, they will surely remember that. 

Kids and I did a ton of errands yesterday, then ended it with a WMart trip, we were there forever, but we had fun, I told you I just enjoy days that we run errands together, I just soak them up, love my babies, then for dinner J grilled some of his famous chicken thighs, they are the best, then for kicks we roasted some marshmallows in the firepit, and then realized how dumb to do that in this heat, we did wait til around 8:30 to do it, but still too hot, but they were still good, nice easy dessert!  So, what is going on with you guys?