Thursday, August 25, 2011

{Bloggy Love}

I love to read blogs, I get so many ideas on decorating, crafting, cooking, being a wife and mom, I am so glad I started mine a few years ago, it's like my diary, I love looking back and seeing what we were doing last year at this particular time, the kids love to see old pics of themselves and how much they have grown.  

I am starting to see lots of ideas for fall decorating showing up on my favorite blogs and I am beginning to get very excited, I LOVE FALL, the very thought makes me smile! and I am especially excited because I get to decorate my new house, I have a fireplace again, oooohh the possibilities I have running through my mind.  Jim and I were sitting on the deck the other evening and discussing how since we have so much room out there, we are going to have a family pumpkin carving night, we told the kids that when we were dating we got those kits where you attach a pattern and poke the holes and then carve out your creation, Jim's was better! they find that story very intriguing, so we are all going to do one, we are already looking forward to it! hoping the weather will be crisp and cool. 

Blogs make me happy, they make me want to create, to make my house our wonderful cozy home,
there are some really creative ladies out there, you should check some of them out!!