Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I swear this hot weather has fried my brain, ha! this is too much, 107 is just unacceptable, kids don't want to go outside, so therefore are at my feet begging to be entertained,  I get somewhat grumpy at times, just ask my family, ha! I am really wanting to get our yard in order but picking weeds is just out of the question, a heat stroke waiting to happen, fall cannot get here soon enough.   We have been so busy here lately, so today I went and had a pedi and an eyebrow hot wax, momma needs some pampering, I am going out of town this weekend to a girls weekend, and I am stoked!! we are going to stay at a friends lake house, swim, talk, eat and maybe drink a little wine and lots of laughing, I am ready! and then I will come back all refreshed and ready to tackle back to school shopping, we pick Cameron's schedule up tomorrow, so we'll know what electives he got, he signed up for a tech. ed class and it needs alot of tech. pins and such, some I have never heard of, I am sure they will not be cheap! but it will be a great class for him.  Next week we all get haircuts, and I am having cut and color and want to make some changes, I have been looking for hairstyles on here, I want to go shorter again, not too much, but this sitting on the neck thing is not working for me.  I also want to add some dark highlites in also, I will talk with my hairdresser about it, he will tell me what will work, he is sooo good.  I have bible study this evening, tomorrow is grocery store and errands, I told ya we were busy, and Dominos is cooking our dinner tonight, how nice of them, ha!  no cooking going on here tonight. So, that is my goings on, what are you guys up to?


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Stacy~ it sounds like U are like the rest of us! LOL!! Yes~this "hot" is getting rediculous! My heart is still saying..Trust God..Keep praying for rain! Hope U have a wonderful wk-end w/ those girls! Take some pics! and yes~ school is almost here~daughter just dropped off my Hannah for she was headed for teachers first day! Have a Blessed and Happy:) Day in spite of the Heat!!LOL!