Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{For the Mind}

Lately it seems I have so much on my mind, it n-e-v-e-r stops! It's not negative things, it's the new house, all the crafts that I am working on, how to decorate the new house, school being out, summer vacation plans, you get the point moms!! haha  In fact, the other night I couldn't get to sleep thinking about a frame that I was making, I almost got up and finished it, so it's not stressful things, it's fun things!!  Well, I haven't been reading lately, no reason, I have read all the books in my house, and I have been thinking about going to the library, I used to be a huge library fan and then when we moved I just never picked back up on it, so yesterday while at WMart I decided it was time for a new book, I spotted a new Nora Roberts book and got that one, I love her and she never fails to please.  I really want to start a new series, I love series, they keep me on my toes with reading, I am thinking of diving into The Hunger Game, I hear it's wonderful so I'll probably do that.  Reading is so therapeutic for me, it relaxes my mind, so reading is back on my agenda and I can't wait to start on my book this evening.