Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{Track & Sickness}

As I said in the last post I just got too busy to blog and when I thought about it I wasn't in the mood, you know how that can be, just don't feel up to writing it all down.  Last week was spring break and we just stayed around here,  nothing too exciting, my brother and his kids came in and that was fun hanging with them, and the cousins all love being together.  And now for the exciting news... Cameron came in 1st place in 800 meter run at his track meet Monday, we were beside ourselves with excitement, there were 12 boys running, when he came flying up past the boy who was in first and glided on past him we knew he had it!!! I went to bed smiling and woke up smiling, we are so proud of him.  I had never really known alot about track, he has played all sports at one time or the other, and he does play football in the fall, but 7th grade is when they can start track and with the urging of his coaches he gave track a try and has excelled, track meets are so much fun, I never knew, Jim and I just look at each other like "look at our boy go" haha!  to say we are proud is an understatement :) 

It has been nice getting back to our normal routine this week, I know the kids disagee, but I like a routine, I don't mind shaking it up a bit but a routine keeps me sane!  Last night Hannah and I were at gymnastics and Jim called me about 30 min. after we had left and said he was ill, he was throwing up, chills, couldn't even talk to me, so she had a little more time to finish and then we flew home to check on him, poor guy threw up all night, felt terrible, luckily I had some Phenegran and he took that and it seemed to help, he has had a headache and very weak today, so he has been sleeping, I just fixed him some Chicken noodle soup and crackers, and of course more Sprite, so he is perking up a bit, it just takes awhile to get over all that mess.  I am crossing fingers and toes none of us get it, the lysol has made many appearances today! ha.  When I get sicknesses like that it really takes me down even more because of my MS, so it can just take a hike!  I guess that is it for now, have a good rest of the day!


Cindy Bultema said...

Praying the germs don't spread in your house!
Sweet blessings~
Cindy :)