Thursday, March 10, 2011


We have a teen in the house!! He has reminded Jim and I that him becoming a teen makes us "old", thanks for that Cameron!!  He had a great day, a group of friends decorated his locker, the athletic team sang to him and lifted him up on their shoulders and he got to sit out and watch everyone else work out! he got some really neat gifts and his having 2 friends spend the night Fri. night and watch a movie, have pizza, just hang out and have fun!! Happy 13 Cameron, we love u!!


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Stacy, Happy:) Birthday Cameron, you are a handsom young man! We just celebrated my Kyle's B-Day! in Jan. he was 13. Oh! boy!Just can't imagin he is 13 as well! Hope you all have a great wk-end!