Sunday, March 6, 2011

{Face Book Thoughts}

I don't know about some of you, but I have thought a couple of times about doing away with my facebook account, but, I enjoy couponing and to get most of them you need facebook, so that solved that little issue.  The reason I bring this issue up is I get so tired of reading some of the crap people put on there, esp. this new feature I have noticed where you tell people where you are, ie, "Stacy is at Walmart" okay, really, so when a person is at a resturaunt they are like hold on people let me let the world know where I'm at?? what a waste of time.  Now I am not putting everyone down that uses it, it is great for certain types of networking and i have reconnected with so many people on there, and I do enjoy seeing what's up, but the obvious addiction that some people have is crazy, I think we all  have a few friends that take up your whole wall,  you know the ones, they tell you every detail of their daily lives.  I do post pics every now and then and say hello to everyone, I guess the thing that really gets me is some of the things that people are into, I sometimes wanna say "grow up already" your doing the same things you  did in high school, or wow, what an alcoholic you are, or "aren't you a little old to be acting that way", or "I can't believe you posted THAT picture for the world to see", you all know what I mean, I know you do!!!  My sister and I get some good laughs at all these things, we share alot of the same friends.  Cameron just got a fb a few months ago, and it's fun for him, no biggie, Jim and I are both friends with him so he has nothing to hide, he and his friends just have fun with each other,  btw he will be 13 on Tues. eek!! no! my baby boy!  such a good boy though, and he has his first track meet tomorrow, so we are looking forward to that!!!  The reason for my fb rant, I just looked at it, and felt inspired by the select few.  There are alot of things these people could be doing rather than letting the world know "they are going to Sonic" or "that God forbid they are having diareah!!!!!ha I am just waiting on that one!


Cindy Bultema said...

LOL! My thoughts exactly!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!
Cindy :)