Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My Thanksgiving Feelings

Since I have had this blog I talk about the same thing every year at this time, how I feel about Thanksgiving!!
So, without further adue...
Thanksgiving doesn't always get the proper recognition, it seems we go from Halloween straight to Christmas, no fair, Thanksgiving is simple, doesn't require gifts and all the hoopla, but if offers tons of great food that we otherwise don't eat except for Thanksgiving, cooking, being with family, watching football!
And, one of the things that I love the most is waking up on Thanksgiving morning, having some coffee, getting all the preparation started for whatever I am cooking, then as the family rolls out of bed, we watch the parades, I LOVE the parades, they make me so happy I could just bust, and I love it when I hear my family say "look it's Snoopy or whoever it is that we're so excited to see!!  and I am very stingy about always wanting to be the one to make the green bean casserole, when I open up that can of french fried onions I totally feel the Thanksgiving spirit!!! and now my Hannah girl feels the same way!! ha

Since this year is a little different with my dad's situation so many of our family members are pitching in and doing the turkey and dressing for us and my sis and I said we just had to contribute so we are doing some casseroles and salads, I can't wait!!

I am so thankful for our many blessings, wonderful family, jobs, food, our homes, and most of all that we Jesus in our lives, what in the world would be do without him??  My dad acutally got in the shower today, that is a big step for him, and my brother wheeled him down the hall to look at the sunshine out the window, what a blessing, that precious dad of mine. I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!