Saturday, November 20, 2010


I am trying to maintain a sense of "normalcy" in my life,  as I sit here all proped up in my cozy bed watching Food Network, the kids are "staying out of mom's hair today" ha! instructions from their dad, it was my night at the hospital and sleep is not real plentiful there, so I am kinda tired, Jim has to work today so he made sure the kids understood the rules for the day!! Dad is hanging in there, no better, no worse, going back home today, and instead of getting into all the details, it's all in God's hand at this point, he has and is being very well taken care of, our family, well, we take care of each other.  It's a good fall day today, misty, cool, foggy, just plain cozy, we have some pinto beans in the crockpot with a ham bone for some great flavor, today is a home day for me, this is a day for me to take care of my family, our home, connect again, you have to do that when you are taking care of someone who is very ill,  so today I will relish in "us" Jim, Stacy, Cameron, Hannah & Kirby, I need to love on this great family of mine, and be thankful for us.  Tonight we plan to watch Jim's fav college football team "Notre Dame" and enjoy our pintos together, sounds good to me, as always continue to pray for our family, we do feel the love you know and appreciate that so much! Enjoy your family!


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! STACY, Great Post, and the simplicity of Christ, and taking care of you! I have earnestly been Praying for you and your Family! May God continue to give you His Peace and Blessings, kids sound really sweet to let you have some "me time". Love and Blessings for a great dinner and game night!