Monday, October 18, 2010


What a good weekend we had, the kids and I did our shopping trip with great success, the only "unsuccessful" thing was no black hightop Converse sneakers in size 4 not a one in this whole town, we looked everywhere, and Hannah was really understanding about it, I had to order them online and they will be here in a few days so she is happy with that!! the kids are all decked out this morning all confident feeling, it's amazing what new clothes and shoes will do for you, I know how happy I am when I get something new, even something simple gives you some extra pep in your step!! we had a great day together, we even had lunch at the Target deli, we like their food!! ha, simple and fun! we ended the day by going to our favorite Chinese food buffet for dinner, it was so good, it was nice to just sit there as a family and talk about our day, love those times.  I have been fighting allergies the last week and thought I was losing my voice, so I am downing some meds to fight it off, the weather is crazy here for allergies this time of year, why can't it just cool off for good! We watched alot of football yesterday and Jim grilled his famous chicken thighs for dinner, they were soo good,  the kids played with their friends and got their rooms all cleaned up for the week, all in all fun times!!