Friday, October 15, 2010

{Feeling Blessed}

Wow, life sure has been busy for me lately, I am happy to report that my dad came home from the hospital today, he is in Austin at my brothers and will be for the next 2 weeks to be near the heart hospital and if he continues to respond well to his treatment he can come home to us, what a blessing that he is home, being in the hospital for 2 weeks cannot be fun for a person!!! We are back to our routine again, it sure is nice to be home, again I am so thankful for my husband and how he managed our home, the kids, his business, he did a super job and I am very blessed to have him, thank you honey, once again!! Jim has to work tomorrow, so I am taking the kids on a fall shopping trip and they are beyond excited, they really need some cool weather duds, esp. Hannah she took a big growth spurt this summer and her old jeans are justa floodin!! haha.
I am excited too, how fun to pick out new stuff!  I also plan to do some baking this weekend, I love fall baking, love the smells of cinnamon, pumpkin... I think we may also do some brownies and use our halloween cookie cutters to cut out some fun shapes and I'll make some icing and we can tint it orange, I know my gang will love that, esp. the kids! Jim and I are going to start "making healthier choices" these goodies will be in moderation for us!!! I guess I need to run, I need to move the laundry around,  and start putting fresh sheets on the beds!! Happy Fall Weekend!!