Monday, October 25, 2010


Life has been topsy turvy around here lately,

My dad went back into the hospital this weekend, they said he had a very serious blood infection from his gallbladder surgery and pneumonia, it was serious, we were scared, my mom, sister and her kids came over on Saturday so we could be together as my brother called from Austin to give us updates, we needed to be together, you know, moral support, the closeness of being a family in dire times,

The cousins all played, and we prayed, all got in a circle and those sweet cousins all said prayers of healing for the Papa they adore more than words, it was precious, I could have cried like a baby,

At church yesterday morning, I raised my dad up to the Lord through prayer and song, it felt good to praise him, trust him, always trust him, he is always good no matter what

Thankfully, he is responding very well to the medication and they are waiting on more test, but the great thing is that he is feeling better, Praise!

After church we had stuffed baked potatoes, it rained, we watched football, all stayed in together, then it really stormed, tornado warnings, we lit candles, got our flashlights ready, then for dinner Jim fixed breakfast, it was good, I loved having my precious little family all to myself for the day, no one went outside to play we just stayed together, it was great, I went to bed with a full heart.  Thank you God...


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Stacy, so happy to hear the better news for your Dad! Girl,I know where you're at! I just so feel all your emotions on the page! Hope things continue to improve and I promise to put him again on my prayer list! Thank you Lord for Healing! To God Be the Glory! In Jesus Name!