Wednesday, September 15, 2010

{Invitation to Fall}

Ok fall you can make an appearance if you want to, we're ready, really really ready okay, got that, please help me, this heat is becoming offending, and it's always very humid here in E. Texas, so even when it's in the higher 80's it still doesn't feel that good.  I just love fall so much, it's my fav. as you all know, love the colors, the feeling, the food!!! how I love thee fall! I went to our store room today and got my fall crates for I am ready to start decorating, I also got my wreath from last year and my mom is going to "tweak" it for me, she is so good at all that, I found some great new foliage at Ellis Pottery that I want to incorporate into my wreath this year and it's going to look so pretty, I can hardly wait! It's just hard to get in the decorating mood when you have sweat running down your face, while standing the storage room, I wanted to spend some time in there but it was just too hot for this gal, ha!  I went to Goodwill and bought a couple of things, I got some frames and a wrought iron dohicky that I am going to paint a burnt orange to go with a fall center piece, I have high hopes for my $1 dohicky!!  Jim is getting ready to go to New Orleans this weekend for a business trip, he is also going to Monday night footaball, we're not big Saints fan, but hey it's a free ticket and a good time!!  We're going out to eat tonight, yeah, what a treat during the week, we NEVER eat out during the week, so I am excited, no cooking means no dishes! we're thinking Olive Garden!!!


Vanessa said...

Hi Staci! I just saw your sweet comment on my Living Room post and want to say thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I love your blog and cracked up reading your Wed. post! :-) Fall has definitely arrived here in the NW but we could still get some weird warm days so I don't get too locked into it. I also LOVED your back to school poem/prayer you wrote for your kiddos. My son started first grade and he had a whole post dedicated to it and how his mama is adjusting (or not!) to it!
Anyway, nice to meet you here in Blogland and I hope to see you again soon!