Thursday, September 30, 2010

{Desk Make-Over}

I wanted to share with you this desk redo that I did for Hannah's room, she has never had her own desk and Cameron has, so how "unfair" as she said, she needed a desk as she is getting older and needs her own space to do her homework.  I really wanted to find something to redo, did not want to buy something new, just wanted a simple table, old desk, something to make into a desk, I was having no luck, none at garage sales, craigslist, so one day I was at Mamaws house and her neighbor was packing to move and long story short she has an old metal desk, I forgot to take a before pic. it was black with a white top and the top was written all over with perm. marker, but I knew it would be just fine.  I simply cleaned it up real good, primed it, spray painted the body white and since the marker was not going away with the primer I decided to just paint it black, and it also came with a piece of glass that goes over the top, perfect!! it was in great shape! I am so pleased with the way it turned out, she has greens and blues in her room so we got her a green chair, lamp, clock, and I already had the baskets that I placed on the shelves, how perfect! she is thrilled!!


Diana said...

Great look!! I'm sure she loves it.