Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{Goings on}

Let's see, what's going on around here to report, had a good weekend, went out to our favorite mexican place Amigo Juan's on Friday night, got Red Box movies, I watched Four Christmases and it was okay a little too slap sticky, Jim got a scary one. On Sat. Jim worked, the kids and I just layed low during the day and that night we had my sis and her family over for game night, I got a sandwich tray, we had chips/dips, and brownies for dessert, and we were still hungry the s/w didn't go far so Jim whipped up some bean and cheese quesadillas using his tortilla cooker and they were really good, we gobbled them up quick!! the adults played battle of the sexes and we didn't do too well and weren't having fun with it, so we played Monopoly, this is Jim's fav. game ever and he is the expert, we had the best time playing, we always have fun together, the kids played some of their games, then got bored of that and played dress up, watched a movie, basically just played away!!! they left around midnight and the kids thought that was too cool, they were up til midnight, they never get to do that and thought they were all that, ha!

We did skip church on Sunday, I know shame on us, but we were tired and needed a sleep in morning, again we hung out, the kids and I ran to Target and then I had a meeting at church at 4 and then we I got home Jim grilled some steaks for dinner and our weekend came to an end. The kids are preparing for end of school which is a week from Thurs. so not too much going on at school, Hannah has gym. tonight and is very excited because she has perfected the backhand spring and can't wait to do it again!!!! and tonight is sloppy joe's and french fries for dinner, so that's the "goings on" around here!!! Later peeps!


Nana's Nuggets said...

Just love the "simplicity" of life! :).