Thursday, March 26, 2009

On the homefront!

I guess I need to share what's going on with the house, we got an offer on it last week and we accepted it, we close end of next month, so we're happy about that, the kids and I will move when school is out, we really want the kids to finish the school year and we will live with my m/law for the last 3 weeks, so that's a good deal, plus we get to spend some extra time with grandma and she is very excited to say the least!! so everything is working out, Jim's new job is going great, he really likes it and is liking living in a small town, we are still looking for a rental house, all in all things are good! Jim will be home tomorrow for the weekend, we have yard work, touch-ups, etc... I am still trying to get psyched up about moving, I am very routine and don't like change, but, I am realizing that change can be good, people move everyday for heavens sake!! The thing I am most excited about is being near my family, you can't put a price on that!! J tells me "hon, you can come back to Dallas anytime you want" we have so many friends and family here, he's a good man, he is really being understanding and supportive of my apprehension about moving and I love him for that!!! it's been raining the last couple of days, and it's dreary, but that's okay, we need the rain! we're making homemade pizza for dinner tonight, the kiddos fav! and mine too :) Well, I had better run, I need to do some laundry, have a great Thursday!