Friday, March 6, 2009

Dramatic Dressing

I am at my wits end with Hannah and her clothes, it's truly a big deal! Every morning is a real show down, she doesn't like long sleeves, or heavy coats, or socks... so I can deal with those things, this morning she said she wanted to wear a certain skirt, but the shirt she wanted to wear with it was dirty, so she decides the shirt she wore yesterday would go great! I say, you are not wearing the same shirt 2 days in a row, not gonna happen in this house, she says she doesn't care, I say people will make fun of you (haha!!) so, she gives it up after falling on her bed and squirming around like a 2 year old and decided on another shirt. Here are some other a.m. conversations we have had this week over clothes:

I pick out some shorts

H- "those look like mans shorts"

I find a shirt or 2

H- "those are old"

I say Hannah you have to wear what you have, you have plenty of clothes

H- "but I don't like them"

Oh, well, excuse me I'm thinking, I don't like half the things in my closet, and you wanna talk about "old clothes" don't get me started sista!!

She is really liking Justice clothes these days, or clothes comperable to them, a little girl in her class always wear Justice and H is watching her wants to wear the things she wears, she is really into skirts/skorts and that is fine, when it's cooler weather she wears tights under them, in a couple of months we'll go on a spring/summer shopping trip and she can pick out what she wants as long as I like it too and it doesn't say something like "spoiled brat" or words on the butt that say "sweet" or something like that, no can do!!!

Thank goodness Cameron is still a pretty easy dresser or I would lose my mind every morning!
Oh, I need your prayers, I am taking the kids to Chuck E Cheeses tonight to play games!! Jim's glad he's not apart of this little outing!!! Have a great weekend!!!!