Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I had a simple dental procedure on Mon. went fine, then I had a horrindous, awful, earth shattering reaction to the medicene he used to deaden the area, it was about 2 hours after I had it done that this happened and I went through pure hell for about 2 hours. I started to feel achy, and within minutes I was shaking uncontrollably, chills, I had 2 blankets on me, a heating pad, the heat was on in the house and I had to have my neighbor come over because if I had indeed died from this (just kidding, but not really) I didn't want to be alone with my kids. I was shaking so hard she had to hold my legs down, I couldn't talk very good, and Jim was calling every few minutes and we're planning for the ambulance to come and get me, my neighbor Sherry got me a darvasett? to help with my pain, and in the meantime I had called the dentist and when he called me back he said he had heard of this once in his entire career, it was a very rare happening, (leave it to me to be his second occurence, what a record setter I am) well, I eventually started to come to, if you will, and stopped shaking so violently, the doctor said it was making it's way out of my blood stream and I should be fine after that, he was soooo incredibly wonderful and supportive to me and was very concerned, so after the whole horrible episode was over I was left with a headache and feeling very weak and numb from this ordeal. You see, with my ms any kind of stress can make you feel symptomatic, esp. the kind I had just had, my feet were not cooperating very well, but after having some cottage cheese to eat and some iced tea courtesy of my wonderful kids, I was slowly coming back to life!!!!! BUT, I have been left feeling kind of yucky since then, so I am just taking my antibiotic the doctor gave me for the infection, and advil for the soreness, and the actual tooth area that was distracted feels fine and hasn't given me any problems. So, as of now I am really feeling on the mend, fingers crossed and hope to never, ever have to experience that kind of mess again!!!