Thursday, February 19, 2009

Webkinz craze!!!!!!

It's all about the Webkinz these days at our house!!! but oh, they are so fun and cute! my kids are just now getting into this craze, Hannah got 2 last year for her bday but we never played with them on the computer, and then she started getting more interested in them a few months ago and that's what compelled me to get them one for Valentines Day! so now they are waaay into them and fight over the computer (sheesh)!! they take care of them, they are conscious of how much $$ they have and when they get low they go earn some more, so it's a good deal! last night I heard them laughing and they called me in so they could show me that Cameron got a car for his dog and it was so adorable driving around in it, I asked them what other ones they would like and C said he wants the snake and an Alaskan husky, and H is game for whatever, so I am thinking they might just find one hidden in there Easter baskets this year, it sure beats a ton of candy!! Anyway, we are missing our daddy, as he is in East Texas and we won't see him until next weekend, but that's okay we're just keepin busy with all our activities. I'd better run, I have some laundry that is screaming at me.