Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines & Birthdays

We had a fun Valentines Day at the Loggins house! We got the kids a Webkinz, meet Scruffy & Suzie aka...Golden Ret. & Pink Poodle and some choc. I have Jim some choc. and he gave me some, I looooove valentine candy, I love the way it smells in it's cute heart shape box!
Hannah's 7th Birthday party pictures, ( I am a little late in showing them)

This is her invitation

Miss Hannah Grace in a new outfit courtesy of Mimi!

Miss Madeline posing with her make-up and nails!

and here's Hannah...

then Miss Molly-Kate

Madeline taking a shot at the pinata!

making some gorgeous jewelry!!!

Aunt Terri was in charge of the tatoo machine and she did do
a great job, the kids were tatooed up!!!


Anonymous said...

Aunt Stacy, The Webkinz are very cute, we love them. We love ya'll, Hannah and Cameron, Aunt Stacy and Uncle Jimmy. The party was so much fun. See you soon. Love Molly-Kate, John and Madeline, Aunt Terri and Uncle Donnie.